Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies is recognized worldwide as a (potentially) powerful driver leading the construction sector towards sustainability. It has become a well-established extensive collaborative process and an important area of development in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

It involves the creation of a digital model of the building as in the project phase. All relevant data for the design, construction and management of an object are included and made available to all parties involved.


The creation of a Building Information Model requires a great deal of attention to detail. Our experienced BIM company will provide you with the most accurate models. We can transform your drawings, schemas and plans into a true BIM model.


Our projets portfolio ranges from reinforced concrete 3D detailing to structural steelwork detailing for buildings and bridges.


Our team of dedicated BIM modelers have experience creating 3D structures on Allplan. We are able to translate 2D drawings into a detailed BIM model with data and parametric families.

BIM technology has several benefits, such as  :

  • Reduction of the time spent designing the project;
  • Reduction in non-budgeted work by 40%;
  • Reduction of time spent in budgeting by 80%;
  • Conflict detection anticipated, reflected in an estimated 10% savings;

(Virtual Design and Construction: Themes, Case Studies and Implementation Suggestions By John Kunz & Martin Fischer, 2012)



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